Supercuts are probably the most common form of video essay though we may not think of it as one. You can find great examples of supercuts at

Since we’re nearing Halloween, I thought I’d share a spookily-appropriate one:

Here’s an example from Audiovisualcy on “Breaking the 4th Wall”:

Breaking the 4th Wall Movie Supercut from Leigh Singer on Vimeo.

– Check out this one the “Eyes of Hitchcock” (by Kogonada, whose Moonrise Kingdom video essay on symmetry we looked at earlier in the semester):

A couple of more examples:

– Not all supercuts focus on visual aspects of film, this one looks at  “The Sounds of Aronofsky

– Some can focus not on one film or one director but on a specific genre:

– Some can use a more didactic approach:

What makes a good supercut? How do music, editing, pacing and subject matter help you craft a strong supercut? What makes them both creative and critical texts?


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