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For today, I asked you to read Scott McCloud’s comic-book essay “Through the Door.” I call it a “comic-book essay” both because it is about comic books but also because it takes the form of comic books. But I think McCloud can be helpful in ways that have nothing to do with comic books and more about what it means to use images and new technologies to tell stories and outline arguments.

I want us to look at three panels:

McCloud 03

McCloud’s main point about using new technologies

McCloud 02

McCloud points out the ways new technologies tend to (at first) mimic older technologies.

McCloud 01

McCloud’s text is from 2000. We are quite literally living in the world he’s envisioning in this piece.

– How does McCloud’s piece’s form inform what he’s discussing?

– Did you find his images helpful when trying to understand what he was saying?

– Why might McCloud choose to make an argument in comic-book form?

As we discuss infographics and the use of images and graphics in our multimedia compositions, I want to give you my example. Below you’ll find an infographic I made from everyone’s Top 5 lists:

Top 5 Infographic


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