Infographics: Mapping the Movies

Here are a couple of examples of creative attempts at mapping cinema and its data:

Sex in Film Infographic

Here are other examples of movie-themed infographics (more akin to “posters” from the Sciences than anything else in the Humanities or Creative Writing), you can check out a couple here:

– If you’re interested in the number-crunching aspect of the infographic, I’d suggest you look at the relatively recent blog 1.37:1 which looks at data-driven analysis of film.

The 39 Stats– The 39 stats: Alfred Hitchcock’s obsessions in numbers: The Guardian created this infographic and culled all of Hitchcock’s filmography for all it’s worth.

On Location– Top 10 Film Locations: Pretty self-explanatory, looking at the filming locations of American classics (hint: a lot of them don’t film where they take place).

James Bond Vehicles

The James Bond Ultimate Vehicle Guide. Ever wonder what kind of cars have been featured and been driven by all the various James Bonds (from Connery to Craig)? Here’s the infographic for you.


10 Mind Blowing Inception Infographics. Ten different attempts at trying to explain/make sense/visualize Nolan’s film.

Oscar NomineesA Different Look To The Oscar Nominees. This is from a site that hosts and helps you create infographics (for a hefty $). This one in particular maps out the films nominated for Oscars in 2014 alongside their box office gross, rating and tally of nominations.

Movie Narrative Charts by xkcd which has a great punchline for those who have seen all of these films, in particular Primer (2004).

Movie Narratives


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